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We are located at:
We are located at:
2050 N. Loop West, Suite 201
Houston, Texas 77018


Here at Capital Service, we aim to deliver the quality, affordability, and professionalism you come to expect from a well-established company specializing in the commercial and industrial cleaning business.
 Objective  Experience

Our objective is to provide the highest customer service possible by delivering better communication and superior quality at a competitive price.


Capital Services is backed by over 17 years of experience in providing building maintenance. Our Leaders, having abandoned other com­panies whose sole business purpose is to maximize their packets, have found a new home with us. We are determined to gain your trust and raise your expectation in customer services. more...

 Communication  Quality

Communication is the cornerstone of service excellence. We provide regular reports on any desired schedule, keeping you completely informed about the maintenance of your building. Customer questions and concerns are given prompt attention, both by customer service representatives and the on-site staff.

We communicate effectively with our teams, convey customers' concerns and closely monitor each project's progress. We encourage them to actively seek out new ways to improve the quality of the service they provide. more...

Capital Services developed and perfected “the swift response system” which has elevated the standard for quality in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. The SRS, as it has come to be known, eliminates the dreaded problem of repeated complaints.

Our janitorial supervisors constantly track the progress and quality of our work. By performing regular and meticulous inspections, we can confidently guarantee your results. We deliver the excellence you expect, and the service you deserve. more...

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